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We need nurses for short-term and rapid placements in nursing
homes and private hospitals across the State of Kansas.
Whether you’re looking for full-time contract or per-diem
employment, CareFix Staffing will help you find the perfect fit in an
industry that demands your skills and knowledge.
You will enjoy flexible shift patterns, free annual flu vouchers,
Competitive pay, referral bonus, and free yearly travel coupons.
To receive our complete expert assistance, you must adhere to
our high working standards.

Apply to join our team

We are delighted to have you join our capable team

CareFix Staffing understands precisely what you are looking for: better compensation, flexibility, and a partner to assist you in finding a job in an area that requires your abilities and expertise. We will be there for you throughout the process. Here are our requirements.

Clinical Experience

Documents Required

Refer a friend

We are looking for caring, compassionate RNs, LPNs, CMAs, and
CNAs like you.
so, refer someone that you know.
When you refer a friend or colleague to CareFix Staffing, you will get a bonus for each recommendation that we place.
Anyone who refers a healthcare professional to us will get a $300 referral incentive.

Rules of the game

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