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CareFix Staffing hires highly skilled nursing staff who are experienced, talented, devoted, adaptable, and self-driven.
Our services are dependable, professional, and customized, and our accomplished consultants work tirelessly
to deliver on our commitments clearly, simply, and efficiently.

Facilities We Serve

We specialize in a variety of healthcare settings
throughout Kansas, including but not limited to:
Certified Medication Assistant

Acute care Facilities

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Nursing Homes

Nursing Assistant Hiring in Kansas

Private Hospitals

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Rehabilitation Centers

People We Recruit

We recruit highly skilled nursing staff, who are experienced,
talented, devoted, adaptable, and self-driven to assist even on short notice.
We specialize in recruiting:
Healthcare Staffing Jobs in Kansas

Registered Nurses – RNs

Healthcare staffing Agency in Kansas

Licensed Practical Nurses – LPNs

Healthcare Recruitment Agency Kansas

Certified Medical Assistants – CMAs

Kansas healthcare recruitment Agency

Certified Nursing Assistants – CNAs

Why CareFix Staffing?

CareFix Staffing is an agency run by healthcare professionals, We believe that the nurses we place are our reputation and we pride ourselves in the quality of every nurse we place