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You have a question? Check if we have answered it.

What kind of employees are you searching for?

We are looking for competent RNs, LPNs, CMAs, and CNAs to recruit and hire.

What types of staffing services do you provide?

We provide temporary, per-diem, and contract staffing.

What types of facilities do you serve?

We serve private hospitals, Nursing homes, home health, hospice centers, and Rehabilitation facilities.

Do you share information about applicants with the facilities you serve?

Yes, we interview you before assigning you to a facility. We also provide the institution with your CV, references, and a skill checklist, and they may interview you if they wish.

How many years of experience are you looking for?

Please see the CareFix Staffing standards for further information.

Do you pay for the extra time?

Yes, CareFix Staffing pays for overtime at 1.5 times our standard rate for any hours over 40 hours.

How does a contract with Allstar Staffing Solutions work?

Contract assignments with CareFix Staffing are for three months full-time and can be extended in three-month increments.

How can I guarantee that I am being paid correctly?

CareFix Staffing pays every 2 weeks. Every week, you will be expected to submit your time sheets. This will assist us in tracking the number of hours you worked and ensuring the correct payroll. And don't worry, we'll remind you every Friday at the end of the day.